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Hang on... by YourAngelofLight
Hang on...
I know the anatomy isn't the best. Anatomy really wasn't my forte in high school, but I had a pretty rough past couple of weeks. They don't seem to be getting better, but then I turn on Mark. Then for a few minuets the world seems okay again. The bottom hand is obviously mine, and the top one is Mark's. Once again sorry for the anatomy. I just wanted to give this a quick sketch.
Second Chances For Love (Book cover2) by YourAngelofLight
Second Chances For Love (Book cover2)
I decided to change the book cover when I finished the book. I decided that I didn't like the the original cover anymore so I put my awesome cover making skills back to work
December 20, 2014
Riker lynch stared out his bedroom window trying to get at least one piece of inspiration for new song lyrics. His brother Rocky sat strumming his guitar, and every once and a while he would hear Riker sigh in frustration. Rocky finally got annoyed and decided to take the dangerous question of asking his brother what was wrong.

"Okay bro what's on your mind?" He asked in a harsh tone. "You've been sighing for the past ten minutes and it's starting to get annoying."

"Nothing is on my mind, and that's the problem! Not one spark of inspiration!" Riker snapped.
Riker took off his glasses, and started to rub his fore-head in frustration then flopped back on to his bed.

"Riker will you calm down. We just got back from tour. You don't need to think about that yet. Just take some time to relax."
Then there was a soft knock at the boy's door. Riker sat up, and stretched every inch of his body.

"Who is it?" Riker groaned.

"Riker your mom and I need to talk to you." His dad's voice was muffled.

Riker gave a puzzled look to Rocky who had shrugged his shoulders as to say he didn't know either. He put his glasses back on and walked out of their room. He was a little hesitant to walk down to the living room to face his parents. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw his Mom and Dad sitting on the sofa.

"Am I in trouble?" Riker asked nervously.

"No no dear." His mother smiled. "We just have something Important to tell you."

"Like what?"

"You might want to sit down son." Riker's father spoke as he patted the space in between him and Stormie.

Riker sighed, and sat in the empty space.

"What's up?" He asked preparing for the worst.

"Riker your Mom and I love you very much and we only want what we think would make you happy, and what's best for you." His dad said.

"Okay? It's never good when you guys say things like that."

Riker didn't know where this was going, but it didn't sound good.

"Honey I want you try and stay calm to what we're about to tell you." His mom said softly. "When you were born a very good friend of mine, and I came up with way that would keep our families together. You are betrothed to her Daughter."

Riker was taken back at her words for a few minutes.

"You're kidding me right? Is... Is this a joke?" Riker stuttered in shock.

"No it's not." He dad sighed.

Riker stood up from the sofa.

"I love you both, but I think this is the worst thing you could have ever done to me!" Riker shouted.

"Riker we thought this would be great for you. I've known her mother since we were children." She tried to calm him down.

"So you decided to tell me now?! You couldn't have told me this years ago?"

"We couldn't until she turned 18" His dad replied.
Riker paused.

"She's only 18?!" He fell back on the recliner next to the couch, and buried his face into his hands.

"Age is only a number Riker." His mom said walking over to him. "She's such a sweet girl and she's been hurt just the same as you."

She bent down to his level.

"Riker look at me." Riker lifted his head to meet hers. "We're going to meet her in 2 days. You have until the end of the year to get to know her, and if things don't click with you two we will stop this."

"Your mother and I get the last say in this arrangement." His dad re-assured him
Stormie placed her hand on her son's face and began to stroke his cheek with her thumb. Riker sighed and placed his hand on hers.

"What's her name?" He asked quietly.

"Janelle. She's such a sweet girl Riker." She said. "Please think about this."

Riker stood up from the chair and ran back up to his room. Stormie stood up and walked over to hug her husband

"Well that wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be." Mark said.

"Did we do the right thing?" Stormie sighed into his chest.

"Depends on what you're talking about."

"Did we do the right thing by setting him up like this? I don't want to see him un happy."

"Only time will tell who knows. Maybe this will work out in the end for them. This is his one chance to fall in love with someone we trust."


Back up in his room Riker paced like an angered tiger in its cage.

"How could they do this to me? What good can come out of this? I mean I'm not ready to get married, and I'm pretty sure this girl isn't either!" Riker said sternly.

"How old is she?" Rocky asked.

"She's only 18! She's barely out of high school!"

"Damn. Can't you get out of this somehow?"

"Dad said that if we didn't have any connection by the end of the year they were going to call off the engagement."

Rocky paused for a moment.

"Maybe this isn't as bad as you think it is Riker."

"What? Whose side are you on here?"

Riker sat back down on his bed sighing hard as he placed his face in his hands.

"I'm not on anyone's side." Rocky sighed walking over to his brother, and sat down next to his him.. "Look a lot of people have to go though thousands of dates in order to fine that one person, and god knows you've been in that situation many times."

"I know. I just...I don't want to have to marry someone I don't love, and I don't want her to feel the same way."

"How do you know you won't fall in love?"

"Because I only have 2 weeks first of all! Second of all I have no CLUE what she is like!" Riker sighed. "She probably has known about me for years, and I don't want to hurt her by telling her I don't want to go through with it."

"You never know Rike. She might just be as clueless as you are."

"I doubt it. She's probably getting really excited, and is ready to meet me now."
Second Chances For Love Chpt 1
Well here it is. Finished story that will get posted once a week. I actually have  finished this story, and I'm proud of this one. I just felt like posting it here.


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